PSA II, I’ll be moving personals this week!

if you’re so inclined, here is the new URL


my girls


my girls

Despicable Me OST - Happy Gru
19 plays!
MarchFourth Marching Band - Gospel
80,487 plays!


Also known as “THAT SONG” from Monsters University. Which isn’t on the soundtrack.

Enjoy, monsters of all ages.

I did a thing for FT ships (you can also do a thing for FT ships)

I’m going to be remaking my personal blog very soon

frankly this one archives things (like toxic phases from earlier this year) I’d love for nothing more to be purged not only from tumblr, but my life

and since I’ve been taking a number of steps moving forward, this will feel like a pseudo-step and be kinda neat for me, so

I’ll ponder a new URL and post it sometime this weekend



man this show was great